5 tips on female sexual desire

5 tips on female sexual desire

More than what is believed, female sexual desire is so strong and fierce as men’s, the difference is that society allows them to express it more openly. This  is the advice of Daniel Bergner, a columnist for The New York Times and author of the book “What Women Want”.

Whether a social or cultural issue, there is still a lot of misinformation about how desire  operates, develops and influences sexuality on women. Therefore, we provide you with 5 tips you must know about them.

1. Women’s sexual desire remains unchanged over the years, and even increases, but they lose interest in their partners faster and this is confused with a lack of libido.

5 tips on female sexual desire

2. No matter the genre, the view of sex is enough. According to a study by Professor Meredith Chiver from Queens University in Canada, regardless of their sexual orientation, women are aroused by watching images of intercourse, no matter whether is man to man, woman and man or woman with woman.

3. Feelings get confusing with love. There is confusion between infatuation and desire among women. In both cases the symptoms are very similar: the temperature increases as well as the heart rate and there is a feeling of butterflies in the stomach.

4. Go caffeine! Experts from the University of Southwestern ensure that consuming four cups of coffee a day increases sexual desire in women.

5. The desire is not the same in men or women? Experts indicates that female libido is more demanding than that of men, who can maintain sexual desire for their partners for much longer. In this way the alleged doubts surrounding monogamous nature women is over.

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