Lubricated sex

Lubricated sex

Have you ever wondered if you need a lubricating gel in the drawer next to your bed? The answer is yes. Here are some reasons for lube to be your best ally and the reason of the amount of your sexual pleasure.

1. There are many factors that can cause vaginal dryness, from psychological and emotional issues, to stress or menstrual cycle day, to breastfeeding or menopause. Vaginal dryness and sex do not get along, dry friction, besides being painful, causes small sores or abrasions that can lead to infections.

2. Oral sex? The flavored lubricants give variety to the experience. Before buying, check the ingredients of the lubricant. Choose those based on water and not oil are if you are going to have vaginal intercourse or used condoms. Choose those with no sugar and with few ingredients; it helps to prevent irritation, infection, or changes in the pH of the vagina.

3. Is essential to use a

Lubricated sex

lubricant when using vibrators or toys, since the materials can cause small tears and end up in infections.

4. Sometimes, adjusting the pace of desire with a partner takes time to adapt. The lubricant can be helpful to achieve accurate stimulation at the right time.

5. Condoms dry the skin and vaginal mucosa, causing pain and burning. Besides making less pleasant the experience, the dryness can cause small sores and infections, or break the condom. The water-based lubricant is the perfect solution.

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