Objects to increase pleasure

Objects to increase pleasure (II)

Objects to increase pleasure

Sex toys have become very interesting items. The choices are multiple regarding their size, shape, color and texture; that is why finding the perfect one it’s not an easy job since every mind-soul is an unique erotic universe. This is the reason why we’ll show you very clever sex toys that will rise up the heat during sex.

3D vibrators: Several companies are taking advantage of the 3D inkjets, which work  with unique operative systems capable of printing every type of material, including plastic. With this new alternative, the market is allowing each user to create their own vibrators, deciding on their shapes and sizes.

Masturbators: Men love oral sex. And nowadays, the unique and exciting feeling of two lips over your penis can be also stimulated by a masturbator with which the sense will be actually real.  For the women, there is a toy that´s tongued-shaped, made with an extra soft rubber that feels identically to the human tact.  This tongue will stimulate any zone of your´s or your partner´s body.

Rings: This silicone rings are used for the penis and they create a vibration that will heat up any sexual encounter. This toy has several functions to produce the desired stimulation regarding each one´s desires.

Harnesses: Take control and heat up any sexual encounter with a harness because it will help you and your lover to reach body-areas you did not even know about. This harnesses are hollow and are made out of latex and ultra resistant metal fastenings. It can be used either by men as by women.

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