8 Foods To Enjoy With Sex

8 Foods To Enjoy With Sex

If there are two things that men love more than anything, it’s eating and having sex. And if all men could only do those things simultaneously, life would truly be grand. Lucky for you, today’s tip centers around incorporating victual delights into your bedroom:

1- Fruit: Cherries, strawberries, and red or green grapes are great add-ons to any sexual fun, but you can also incorporate more complex fruit like papaya, mango, grapefruits, and oranges.

2-Whipped cream: The cliché of all sexual foods, whipped cream still serves up some great fun. Whip some into your lover’s  mouth and watch licking it all up. Be warned, however: dairy products on the skin don’t leave a very pleasant odor.

3-Syrups: Whether you’re a big fan of chocolate, maple, banana, or strawberry syrup, this liquid concoction can make a mediocre night an incredibly memorable one. The sheets might get destroyed, but chances are that you will end up licking areas of your lover that  you’ve never ventured onto (or into) before.

4-Chocolate: In the spirit of syrup, chocolate is a welcome treat before, during and after sex. Whether you opt for the almond-covered variety or just plain old milk chocolate, placing a piece in your mouth and gliding it down a warm body will definitely make the night sweeter and more interesting.

5- Oysters: The rumored aphrodisiac. Oysters are an acquired taste, no doubt, but for some, this seafood provides a zinc boost, which ultimately leads to longer, stronger sex.

6- Popsicles: The phallic shape of a popsicles will instantly lead to greater things.

7- Water: It’s not exactly food, but keep yourself quenched anyway, or opt for the iced form of H2O and keep the heat running during the whole night. Ice can be used to arouse senses: if you can handle it, the feeling of hot and cold at the same time will arouse anyone.

8- Alcohol: Whether you want to do body shots or just drink the night away and indulge in sloppy, passionate sex, alcohol can provide some mad fun. Pour some of your favorite liquor (try to be a little more creative than beer) onto your lover´s belly button and lick it off. Or enjoy some tequila body shots and kiss passionately when it comes to biting into the lemon slice.

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