The Origami Condom

The Origami Condom

Origami is a Japanese art which seeks to create beautiful figures made of folded paper. What their creators could not imagine was that in the XXI century, two American investigators, would take their folding method to design a new type of condom, which promises to leave the latex condom as an obsolete object.

The fathers of this invention, Daniel Resnic and Ray Chávez, have created this condom with silicone which incorporates a series of wrinkles that – besides being a contraceptive and a barrier for any sexual diseases – works as an erotic toy.

ORIGAMI vs. Latex Condom from ORIGAMI Condoms on Vimeo.

At the same time, this condoms are internally lubricated to allow more and better movements. And that´s not all, the folds of this new contraceptive offer women extra pleasure. However, the news is based in their design since the silicone wrinkles are helpful for men who are allergic to latex.

Although the new origami condom looks like an Ikea lamp it´s much more easy to put it on. The other good reason of using them is that you don´t need to unfold the condom; you just have to stretch the folds.

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